SFB 914 Trafficking of Immune Cells in Inflammation, Development and Disease

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7th Summer Symposium on Leukocyte Trafficking - June 27, 2022

27.06.2022 at 16:00 

7th  Summer Symposium of SFB 914

June 27, 2022, 16:00


Christoph Scheiermann | University of Geneva, Switzerland
The circadian immune system

Florian Gärtner | Institute of Science and Technology, Klosterneuburg, Austria
Immune cell migration in dense tissue environments


Short talks by Young Investigators of SFB 914:

Jincheng Gao| project A02 (Daniela Maier-Begandt, Barbara Walzog)
The role of VPS18 in neutrophil biology

Sergi Masgrau Alsina | project B01 (Markus Sperandio)
The role of MST1 in neutrophil homeostasis

Shaza El Nemr | project B02 (Konstantin Stark, Steffen Massberg)
Effects of intermittent hypoxia on thrombopoiesis

Larissa Belz | project Z01 (Hellen Ishikawa-Ankerhold, Steffen Massberg)
Leukocyte trafficking in PDAC metastasis to the liver



BioMedical Center (BMC)
Kleiner Hörsaal N02.040
Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München
Großhaderner Str. 9
82152 Planegg-Martinsried


SFB 914 get together; Foyer Großer Hörsaal/BMC