SFB 914 Trafficking of Immune Cells in Inflammation, Development and Disease

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Research Areas

Part A - Molecular and Cellular Mechanisms

ProjectPrinc. InvestigatorsTitle
A01 Markus Moser Role of kindlin-3 in hematopoietic cells in vivo
A02 Barbara Walzog Role of the mAbp1 interactome for leukocyte recruitment
A03 (E) Martin Benoit,
Steffen Massberg
Mechanical characterization of integrin-dependent leukocyte adhesion
A04 (E) Melanie Laschinger Molecular mechanism regulating LFA-1 mediated T cell migration
A05 Ralph Böttcher,
Reinhard Fässler
The role of integrin trafficking and stability for leukocyte migration
A06 Susanne Stutte,
Thomas Brocker
Rho-GTPase-dependent plasmacytoid dendritic cell seeding, retention and recruitment in vivo
A07 (E) Annette Müller-Taubenberger Cytoskeletal dynamics in migrating leukocytes and Dictyostelium amoebae
A08 Christoph Klein Novel mechanisms of immune cell migration revealed by genetic and functional analysis of human primary immune-deficiency disorders
A09 (N) Julia von Blume Protein sorting at the trans-Golgi network (TGN) and
its impact on immune cell migration
A10 (N) Christian Schulz Trafficking and immune response of yolk sac-derived macrophages
A11 (N) Barbara Schraml The role of dendritic cells in coordinating innate leukocyte trafficking

N: project started 07/2015; E: project ended 06/2015

Part B - Immunity and Disease

ProjectPrinc. InvestigatorsTitle
B01 Markus Sperandio In vivo imaging of innate immune responses in the mouse fetus
B02 Konstantin Stark,
Steffen Massberg
The role of pericytes in bone marrow retention and egress
of myeloid leukocytes
B03 Christoph Reichel The role of the uPA-PAI-1 complex and the glycoprotein vitronectin for leukocyte trafficking
B04 (E) Admar Verschoor,
Dirk Busch
Antigen- and leukocyte-trafficking events guiding effective CD8+ T lymphocyte differentiation
B05 Rainer Haas Impact of Helicobacter pylori virulence factors and CEACAM interaction on leukocyte migration
B06 (E) Kirsten Lauber Dying cell-derived 'find-me' signals in leukocyte recruitment
B07 (E) Hubert Hilbi Modulation of immune cell trafficking by Legionella pneumophila
B08 Oliver Söhnlein,
Christian Weber
Neutrophils and platelets cooperate in monocyte recruitment
B09 (N) Christoph Scheiermann Mechanisms mediating circadian leukocyte recruitment to arteries and veins

N: project started 07/2015; E: project ended 06/2015

Part Z - Central Projects

ProjectPrinc. InvestigatorsTitle
Z01 Alexander Khandoga,
Steffen Massberg
4D imaging of immune cell trafficking using multi-photon intravital microscopy
Z03 (N) Christoph Scheiermann,
Barbara Walzog,
Markus Sperandio
Fast and high-resolution imaging of leukocyte trafficking using spinning-disk confocal microscopy
MGK Markus Sperandio,
Markus Moser
Integrated Research Training Group “Leukocyte Trafficking”

N: project started 07/2015