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Soft Skills Seminar: Communication & Team
- Nov. 16-17, 2012

Sabine Lerch, soft skills for science

16.11.2012 – 17.11.2012


November 16-17, 2012, 2 full days


Is communication something we need to learn in a seminar? Didn’t we all learn how to talk when we were small children, many years ago? Yes, that is true!

On the other hand the seemingly most natural, our communication, is crucially important for us being successful in our private and professional lives. How clear, smooth, friendly, goal-oriented is our communication, with our partners, supervisors, colleagues, in our (inter-cultural) teams? How do we lead a conversation? How can we give feedback to somebody without hurting him/her? How can we win without making the other person loose?

Listening to these questions you realise that communication is not only an important topic but a very personal one, too! This makes it different from more scientific subjects, because it cannot be seen separate from the individual. And people are different and have their individual perception and communication patterns!

The seminar covers the topics:

  • Background and Principles of Communication
  • Communication Matrix
  • Inter-cultural Communication
  • Successful in Groups and Teams
  • Conflicts

The training is conducted over 2 full days of short theory lessons, discussions, individual and small-group exercises, plus role-playing exercises with feedback. The case studies are provided by the participants to ensure that the scenarios are as realistic as possible. For that a questionnaire is sent to the participants in advance.


Sabine Lerch, soft skills for science


Markus Sperandio, LMU


Institute of Cardiovascular Physiology and Pathophysiology
Walter Brendel Centre of Experimental Medicine
Library room
Marchioninistr. 27
81377 Munich