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New doctoral representatives of IRTG 914

Anna-Karina Becker and Sergi Masgrau Alsina elected


At the IRTG 914 welcome event the IRTG 914 doctoral candidates elected Anna-Karina Becker, PhD student in the Walzog lab, and Sergi Masgrau Alsina, PhD student in the Sperandio lab, as their new doctoral representatives. They will act as liaison group between the students and the management of IRTG 914 for the next two years.

Anna-Karina and Sergi follow Laura Mittmann and Nikolaos Papaioannou, who held the position of doctoral representatives for the past two years. All PIs and students of the SFB 914 would like to thank Laura and Nikolaos for their great commitment to the IRTG.

Anna-Karina Becker and Sergi Masgrau Alsina can be reached at