SFB 914 Trafficking of Immune Cells in Inflammation, Development and Disease

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Opening of Biomedical Center

New home institute for CRC 914


The Biomedical Center (BMC) at the HighTechCampus of LMU in Martinsried/Großhadern is the new home institute of CRC 914. The newly opened building offers state-of-the art infrastructure for highly innovative research activities and thereby further strengthens the competitiveness of CRC 914 at the international level.


Biomedical Center (Image ©LMU)

The BMC will host several research projects of CRC 914, the newly established imaging platform for "Fast and high-resolution imaging of leukocyte trafficking using spinning-disk confocal microscopy" headed by Christoph Scheiermann, Barbara Walzog and Markus Sperandio as well as the Integrated Research Training Group of CRC 914 on "Leukocyte Trafficking".


Peter Becker (Chair of Molecular Biology), Barbara Walzog (Speaker of CRC 914), Markus Sperandio (Head of the Integrated Research Training Group "Leukocyte Trafficking") (Image ©Kemme)

In addition to the research laboratories, teaching facilities and animal services, the BMC provides modern core facilities in the areas of bioimaging, bioinformatics, biophysics, as well as flow cytometry and proteomics. By providing these central services in combination with its close proximity to the clinical departments and life science-oriented research institutes of LMU, the BMC offers a perfect infrastructure for the highly competitive research of CRC 914 and sets an important new milestone towards the continued success of CRC 914 in the future. All general activities of CRC 914 including the bimonthly seminar series will take place at the BMC.


Barbara Walzog (Speaker of CRC 914)
Walter-Brendel-Zentrum für Experimentelle Medizin
Biomedical Center
Building N.C.
LMU München
Groߟhaderner Strasse 9
82152 Planegg-Martinsried

Phone: +49 89 2180-75414
Email: walzog@lrz.uni-muenchen.de