SFB 914 Trafficking of Immune Cells in Inflammation, Development and Disease

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Responsible Research

SFB 914 co-hosted event on responsible research conduct -- fully booked!


Several graduate programs of the Life Science Campus Großhadern/Martinsried, including SFB 914, co-hosted an event on responsible research conduct on July 24, 2014.

Responsible science – What does that mean?

responsible-research-130x100What is responsible research? How can I present data accurately? What exactly is plagiarism, and how can it be avoided? What are the pros and cons of peer review publication? What is an Ombudsperson? These topics, and more, were approached for next generation researchers.

The event opened with two opening lectures, followed by six breakout sessions in parallel covering the wide variety of topics ranging from the reproducibility of data, proper citation practices, to ombudssystems.

A plenary lecture on the topic of scientific publishing and a subsequent panel discussion closed out the event.

Videos and presentations available

Program details and videos of the lectures are available at www.lifescience-munich.de.