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Novel model allows visualization of neutrophil recruitment during fetal development


Together with researchers from Harvard Medical School, Markus Sperandio and his laboratory established a novel intravital microscopy model, allowing the visualization of neutrophil recruitment during fetal development for the first time in vivo. Using LysM-EGFP reporter mice, the group studied leukocyte rolling, adhesion and extravasation of GFP-positive neutrophils in the yolk sac.

Diminished neutrophil recruitment during development

As reported in Blood (First Edition, March 22, 2013), the group found that leukocyte recruitment and extravasation is developmentally regulated with no rolling and adherent leukocytes early during fetal life, but increasing adhesiveness and extravasation later during fetal development. Molecularly, the group identified reduced surface expression of the selectin ligand PSGL-1 and the chemokine receptor CXCR2 as contributing factors for the diminished neutrophil recruitment during development.

Regulators of the neutrophil recruitment cascade

Further studies will aim at the identification of factors that regulate the neutrophil recruitment cascade during development. To this end, global approaches including transcriptomics and proteomics will be employed. Eventually, a better understanding of the processes that regulate innate immunity during fetal development under physiological and pathological conditions might provide new therapeutic avenues to prevent infections and sepsis in the early phases of human life.


M Sperandio, EJ Quackenbush, N Sushkova, J Altstätter, C Nussbaum, S Schmid, M Pruenster, A Kurz, A Margraf, A Steppner, N Schweiger, L Borsig, I Boros, N Krajewski, O Genzel-Boroviczeny, U Jeschke, D Frommhold , and UH von Andrian. Ontogenetic regulation of leukocyte recruitment in mouse yolk sac vessels.
Blood, First Edition.
Published ahead of print March 22, 2013.


Prof. Dr. med. Markus Sperandio
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