SFB 914 Trafficking of Immune Cells in Inflammation, Development and Disease

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Dr. rer. physiol. Melanie Laschinger


Project A04 (E)


Chirurgische Klinik und Poliklinik
Klinikum rechts der Isar

TU München
Ismaninger Str. 22
81675 München

Phone: +49 89 4140-6604
Fax: +49 89 4140-6605

Five most relevant publications:

  1. Vajkoczy, P.*, Laschinger, M.*, Engelhardt, B. (2001) α4-integrin mediates G-protein independent capture of encephalitogenic T cell blasts on endothelial VCAM-1 in spinal cord white matter microvessels. J Clin Invest. 8: 557-565. * equal contribution.
  2. Laschinger, M. , Vajkoczy, P., Engelhardt, B. (2002) Encephalitogenic T cells use LFA-1 during transendothelial migration but not during capture and initial adhesion strengthening in healthy spinal cord microvessels in vivo. Eur. J. Immunol. 32: 3598-3606.
  3. Semmrich, M., Smith, A., Feterowski, C., Beer, S., Engelhardt, B., Busch, D. H., Bartsch, B., Laschinger, M., Hogg, N., Pfeffer, K., Holzmann, B. (2005) Importance of integrin LFA-1 deactivation for the generation of immune response. J. Exp. Med. 201: 1987-98.
  4. Hüser N., Fasan, A., Semmrich, M., Schmidbauer, P., Holzmann, B., and Laschinger, M. (2010) Intact LFA-1 de-activation promotes T cell activation and rejection of cardiac allograft. Int. Immunology 22: 35-44.
  5. Balkow, S., Heinz, S., Schmidbauer, P., Kolanus, W., Holzmann, B., Grabbe, S., Laschinger, M. (2010) LFA-1 activity state on dendritic cells regulates contact duration with T cells and promotes T cell priming. Blood 116: 1885-1894.